Do the Nadal creations need any maintenance or special care?


To enjoy a Nadal creation at home you only need to follow some simple tips:   - Place the piece in a place away from strong heat sources such as fireplaces or high power heaters.   - Do not expose to direct sun for long periods of time.   - When handling the piece, use caution, especially with the accessories and details such as sunglasses, bags, umbrellas, belts, etc..., which are the most fragile parts of the figurine.   - To clean the piece, follow the instructions answered in the next question.

How do I clean my Nadal figurine?


- To remove dust, use a brush with long soft hair.   - To remove dust from corners, use a hair dryer (always in the cool position) or a photographic lens bellow   - For a more thorough cleaning, use a damp cloth and cotton swabs for the corners. Gently dry the piece.   - Never use abrasive materials or abrasive cleaners such as ammonia, bleach or degreasers.

Why do many Nadal figurines have their eyes closed?


Some of our creations show their eyes closed because this expresses feelings of relaxation, harmony and inner peace.

Why is it that sometimes two pieces of the same model show color differences?


All our creations are made and decorated entirely by hand. Due to this traditional process, there are small differences between different figurines. No piece is exactly the same as any other.

Why don’t the nails show on the collection “Little treasures”?


At Nadal each collection has its own personality, as defined by this or other details, such as expressions or shape of faces.

How can I find closest dealer of Nadal figurines?


It's easy. On our contact side just fill in your data, or write to us. We will be happy to indicate your closest dealer.

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